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Senior Cartographers Seminar - 1989

This was the third Senior Cartographers Seminar. It was held in Ottawa from Nov 21 23. There are no records available for the first two seminars.

The objective of the seminar was to arrive at recommendations and/or comments on topics that are of concern to cartographers. The format to achieve this was a presentation by a knowledgeable speaker followed by a useful discussion. Individual participants acted as chairman and were responsible for that particular session and wrote up the session summary. The time allocated to presentation and discussion varied with the nature of the subject.

The following subjects were on the schedule:

Type: Size, Selection and Presentation,

Chart Standards,

Chart Production Manual,

Quality Control,

Production Monitoring,


Interactive Compilation,

Cartographic Systems,

Notices to Mariners (presented by the Ministry of Transport)

Open Forum.

Eight senior cartographers attended the seminar. A total of ten speakers from various fields, including one from the Ministry of Transport, gave the lead-in talks.

This seminar was considered a success and it was recommended that it be repeated when necessary. There is no documentation of any further courses.

Note:  Above information from existing records and interviews.