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Hydrographer-in-Charge (H.I.C.) Seminar - 1985

This seminar was held in Ottawa from Jan 14 Ė 18.  It was designed to bring together the senior HICís from all regions to discuss, on an informal basis, many of the subjects which they deal with as project managers of the CHSís hydrographic surveys.

The following subjects were on the schedule:

Positioning Systems,

Qualified Data Base (QDB),

Hydrographic Data Base,

Automated Cartography,

Automated Field Processes,

Tides and Currents,

1983 Datum,

Horizontal Control,

Remote Sensing,

Echo Sounders,

Quality Control,

Contract Surveys.

Each subject had a speaker to give an outline of the content and to go into some of the finer details. This was followed by an ample opportunity to discuss matters of concern for the attendees. In this manner all items of concern to the HICís could be covered.

There were eleven HICís attending the seminar and a total of 24 speakers from the various fields including one from the Department of Supply and Services.

This seminar was considered a success and it was recommended to repeat this type of seminar once a year. There was however no follow-up and this was a one of a kind occurance.