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The Acadia's Surveys 

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The CSS Acadia is a steel, single-screw vessel, 51.8m long, 10.2m beam and 6.4m draught, built at a cost of $330,000.  She has a displacement of 1,700 tons.  Her original speed was 12.5 kt.  Designed and built for work in northern waters, the Acadia has 7/8" iron plating and heavier than normal framing.  She was further strengthened against ice in 1914  Her total compliment was  60, of which 10 were hydrographic staff.  She was decommissioned in 1969 and is currently part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, NS.

The Acadia had an illustrious career and if there was ever a jewel in the CHS fleet, it has to be her.  Her area of operation was all of the Atlantic Coast and Hudson Bay.  She was a familiar site in many parts of Newfoundland and was an integral part of many adventures in that area.  Her crew were like a family and operated like a well oiled machine - just like the triple expansion steam engine that propelled her for all those years. There is a web site (developed by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic) devoted to Acadia and can be found at museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/AtoZ/acadia.html


In 1929 the first echo-sounder, a British Admiralty pattern, range 10 to 800 fms, was installed in the CGS ACADIA, as well as the first gyroscope compass, a Sperry Gyroscope. These were installed for hydrographic charting in Hudson Bay.

(1958 notes): Launched 1913 - Gross tonnage: 846 - Length 170 ft - No of launches 4 -Total personnel 56 - Hydrographers 7


Year HIC Capt./Sail Master Location Survey Type
 1913  F. Anderson  W. Bartlet  Hudson Bay  Hydrographic
 1914  F. Anderson  W.A. Robson  Maritimes, May  Oceanographic
 1914  F. Anderson  W.A. Robson  Hudson Bay  Hydrographic
 1915   F. Anderson  W.A. Robson  Nova Scotia  Coastal
 1916  F. Anderson  W.A. Robson  Nova Scotia  Coastal
1917-1919       Maritimes  Navy Patrol
1920     Nova Scotia Coastal
1921     Labrador Coastal
1922 Damaged Rudder     Tidal Current
1923     Nova Scotia  
1924 Not commiss’d Lack of funds    
1925 R.J. Fraser James Roach Gulf of St. Lawrence, Que Coastal
1926-28     Gulf of St. Lawrence, Que Coastal
1928     Gulf of St Lawrence, between Pointe des Monts and Seven Islands, Que Coastal
1929     Eastern Arctic, Hudson Bay Coastal
1930     Eastern Arctic Coastal
1931     Eastern Arctic Coastal
1932     Quebec Coastal
1933     Quebec Coastal
1934     Price Edward Island Coastal
1939     Quebec Coastal
1939     Nova Scotia Navy Patrol
1939-1945   Diver   Navy Training Vessel
1946     Nova Scotia, PEI Coastal
1948-49     Newfoundland Coastal
1950 C.H. Martin   Newfoundland Coastal
1951     Newfoundland Coastal
1952 C.H. Martin W. Kettle Conception Bay, Nfld, Lake Melville, Hamilton Inlet, Lab Various
 1958 H. Furuya    Nfld